MS Queen Elizabeth is a cruise ship of the Cunard Line fleet, owned by Carnival Corporation & plc and operated by Carnival UK. A Vista class ship, Queen Elizabeth is the sister ship of MS Queen Victoria.

With a modified design from other Vista class vessels, she is slightly larger than Queen Victoria, at 92,000 gross tons, largely due to a more vertical stern. Capable of carrying up to 2,092 passengers, she is the second largest Cunard ship ever built, after RMS 
Queen Mary 2.

The ship's name was announced by Cunard on 10 October 2007. The company now has three vessels once again after the retirement of 
QE2 in 2008.

The naming of the ship as 
Queen Elizabeth sees a situation similar to that between 1940 and 1948, when Cunard's original Queen Elizabethwas in service at the same time as the Royal Navy battleship HMS Queen Elizabeth. In 2014, four years after this ship joins the fleet, the Royal Navy plans to introduce into service the new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth.

The first master of 
Queen Elizabeth is Captain Chris Wells.    The Queen Elizabeth is almost identical in design to her sister ship Queen Victoria, although because of the steeper stern, her passenger capacity will be slightly higher (2058 to Queen Victoria's 2014). Also because of this difference, the largest suites at the stern of the Queen Elizabeth will have smaller balconies. At the forward end of deck 11, there will be a glass roof covering the games deck, unlike the sports deck on the Queen Victoria.
    Although having an almost identical interior arrangement to the 
Queen Victoria, the decor will be very different. The ship will be a tribute to the two previous Cunard Queen Elizabeths: the original Queen Elizabeth and the QE2. It will also evoke the era of the 1930s, in which Cunard's firstQueen Elizabeth was launched, with many art deco interior touches. The ship will also feature a Britannia Club section of the main restaurant, which is a feature popular on the Queen Mary 2, but not available on the Queen Victoria. This service allows passengers in theBritannia staterooms to have single seating dining arrangements, without having to upgrade to the more expensive Grills classes.
 On 1 September 2010 Cunard Cruise Lines officially confirmed that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II would name Cunard's new ship. The ceremony was held in Southampton on Monday 11 October 2010 before the Queen Elizabeth set sail on her maiden voyage to the Canary Islands the following day. The Queen was also the sponsor of the now-retired Queen Elizabeth 2 in 1967 and Cunard's current flagship, Queen Mary 2, in 2004.