Having mastered the most fashionable resorts and thoroughly examining the most popular tourist destinations, the Russian holiday-makers began to dream about how to make an exclusive trip. And the opportunity provide a unique tourist cruises in the Mediterranean. It is worth noting that the map of the globe there are not too many unknown places, but you can get a vivid impression in a new and unique tourist destinations are already quite well known countries. This trip will provide an opportunity to take another look at the familiar place of rest, to discover new facets of favorite European countries, and possibly meet with an unknown corner of the world.
 Many of those who have already managed to visit Spain, Italy and France within the framework of tourist travel in this journey opens up new interesting features of these countries. Well-planned Mediterranean cruises will not only see each country from an unexpected quarter, more importantly, even a brief visit will provide an opportunity to get the most impressions. Combine in one trip visiting several countries had previously been possible only within the bus tours. This trip was full of visiting many cities in one country, or the capitals of several states. In this case, the journey was relatively inexpensive, which attracted to them of our compatriots. The disadvantages of them, and that resulted in loss of interest of Russian tourists who can carry a low level of comfort, because not every camper was ready to spend most of your holidays in tedious bus journeys. The best alternative in such tours are sea trips on comfortable aircraft.
Travel program does everything, without exception, the Mediterranean tourist cruises as eventful. In one of the tour you will visit several states to visit their most picturesque places. 

Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey - you can relax in all these countries for one your vacation.Our inland tours designed in such a way as to best meet the needs of different categories of clients. If you like the measured rest in the bosom of nature, then you are waiting for the best beaches with crystal clear waters and silky sand. Exciting Mediterranean cruises also please those who enjoy outdoor activities - you plenty of sports to the very different taste. Lovers of ancient history will attract a large number of tour programs that will get to know each country's Mediterranean cruises will be given the opportunity to learn favorite European city with a completely unexpected side.Glorious its unique history, Italy, Spain, Greece and other countries, no doubt, will surprise you.

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