Costa Deliziosa is a cruise ship operated by Costa Cruises. Ordered in 2007 as part of a five-ship expansion of the Costa Cruises Fleet, Costa Deliziosa was constructed by Fincantieri, launched in March 2009, and handed over to Costa Cruises in January 2010.

Design and construction
 The sister ship of Costa Luminosa, Costa Deliziosa was ordered in 2007 from Italian company Fincantieri. The keel was laid down at the company's shipyard in Ancona. In July 2008, after the keel and first section were completed, they were towed to the Marghera shipyard for further work. She was launched on 12 March 2009, when water was admitted to the drydock in which she was built. The ship was handed over to Costa Cruises on 31 January 2010 at the Venice Passenger Terminal. Costa Deliziosa is the third ship to be delivered by Fincantieri to Costa Cruises in a nine-month period, and one of five new ships to be in service with the company by 2012; a 50 percent expansion in the fleet's passenger capacity.The cruise ship is a hybrid design: taking the best elements from the Vista and Spirit class cruise ships. Costa Deliziosa is 292 metres (958 ft) long, with a beam of 32.3 metres (106 ft). The ship has a gross tonnage of 92,700. Up to 2,828 passengers can be carried in 1,130 cabins. The ship has a cruising speed of 21.6 knots (40.0 km/h), and a top speed of 23.6 knots (43.7 km/h)  Around 3,000 people worked on the construction of Costa Deliziosa which cost more than €450 million .

 Costa Deliziosa was christened at Port Rashid in the United Arab Emirates on 23 February, during her inaugural voyage, which started fromSavona on 5 February; the first cruise ship in the world to be christened in an Arabian city. In deference to the Muslim faith of Dubai a bottle of special date juice was used rather than the traditional sparkling wine, champagne, or prosecco usually used to christen ships. The christening is hoped to coincide with the opening ceremony for the new Port Rashid cruise ship terminal.

Operational history
 The ship will spend the first part of her career operating on seven-day cruises in the Persian Gulf. During the northern summer, the ship will be relocated to Copenhagen, for seven-day cruises through the Baltic region.From 28 December 2011, Costa Deliziosa will embark on a 100-day round-the-world cruise. Departing from Savona, the ship will visit the Caribbean, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Samoa, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka, the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt, before returning to Italy.