Cruise on the Caribbean is so popular among travelers for several reasons. First, the cruises of the Caribbean are "visa-free." You do not have to issue this kind of documents or to perform basic navigation, not to visit the islands in the Caribbean. Secondly, the Caribbean cruise includes visits to not only the world-famous tourist islands, but small, and even very tiny uninhabited islets. If in the case of the first you can participate in interesting excursions, visiting clubs and restaurants, then on uninhabited areas of land you can enjoy wildlife and wild beaches. Caribbean - more than seven hundred islands, each of which is beautiful in its own way. Third, unlike other popular tours cruises to the Caribbean do not contain any long transitions. And this means time spent on board, is significantly reduced in favor of a great stay on the land. 
Caribbean, cruise on which you have to make lies between North and South America, Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The whole history of these islands - it chronicles the history of wars, intrigues and scandals among countries. Each of the islands are worthy to visit it, review, photograph. To do this, go on a cruise in the Caribbean. 
Sending a cruise on the Caribbean carried out in the ports of Florida, harbor, or Barbados. In general, a landing site depends on the direction of the cruise: east, west or south. From Mexico to start the Western cruises from Puerto Rico - South. And from the shores of Great Britain begin the longest, a 20-day trip. 
Perhaps best known in this country (thanks to the cartoon), the Caribbean island - Haiti. One would like to ask: "You were not in Haiti?" Then you just need tpravitsya a cruise on the Kribi. Most often, the photos look like a Caribbean paradise with coconut palms and ultramarine sea. This description could not be more right for the famous Haitian avenue Malecon. 
Cruise on the Caribbean islands will take you to the island of Barbados, Saint Lucia, Grenada. Here noticeably European influence, and this is reflected in everything: left-hand traffic on highways, traditional English Five-a-lock of the game of cricket on weekends. This is the result of years of presence on the islands of British aristocracy. By the way, cruise the Caribbean are quite prestigious occupation. Come here to relax, including the most successful people of the planet. 
Guadeloupe their outline resembles a butterfly. In translation the name means "island of beautiful waters". His gave this island the first settlers - Indians. And they were right! Surrounding the water surface of this island truly capable of delight anyone. 
Caribbean cruise - it is also an opportunity to visit one of the many carnivals held on the islands. So for lovers of noise bands, we note that they need to go cruise the Caribbean in July to catch it this magical festival. In January, the Trinidad Carnival is held, the likes of which no. It winner "The original hat is awarded a large cash prize, so that you can take part in this fun. 
Caribbean cruises in winter gives you the opportunity to get into the summer. It's always warm and gentle sun shines here do not want to think about problems and everyday affairs. Here everything is there only to say every day: life - beautiful! Caribbean cruise - it's a trip to paradise.